Our beautiful Ritual Gift Box makes the ideal wellbeing gift and features four natural products. Each box includes:-

Quartz Crystal Point - Brings clarity, focus and clears any blocked energy. Considered one of the most healing of all gem stones, it is ideal to use with other crystals as it enhances their power.

Rose Quartz Crystal - Known as the stone of unconditional love, it opens the heart creating love and harmony. Restores self-esteem, confidence and balances the emotions.

Aromatherapy Candle - A natural wax votive candle blended with pure essential oils created to enhance your wellbeing and lift your spirits.

Sage Stick - Ethically sourced, made from premium white sage and cedar, used for smudging spaces and cleansing your crystals. HOW TO USE: Light the tip of the smudge stick then quickly but gently blow the flame out, allowing the tip to produce smoke. Then walk through each room of your home - you need to use a heatproof dish to catch any ashes. The smoke is used to purify the mind, body, spirit and home. After the smudge cleansing is complete sit the sage bundle on the heat proof dish. WARNING: Never leave the smudge stick unattended if it is still lit or smouldering.