Wild Planet aromatherapy fragranced candles and room essences are created with pure essential oils, not synthetic fragrance oils.

What’s the difference between 100% pure essential oils and fragrance oils?

100% pure and natural essential oils are all we use in Wild Planet products to create our fragrances. They contain the true aromatic essence of a plant either extracted from the leaves, fruit, flowers, stems, root or bark. Scented fragrance oils are synthetic, developed in a lab and mass-produced to keep costs as low as possible. They contain artificial fragrance and share none of the natural therapeutic properties of 100% pure, natural essential oils.

Why do you only use Natural Wax in Wild Planet candles?

Natural Wax is non-toxic and burns cleanly without a smoky residue. Wild Planet only use ethically sourced natural wax.

If Wild Planet products are pure why is there a content list on the labels?

The ‘contents’ you see listed on all our labels are the naturally occurring chemicals contained in 100% pure, natural, essential oils. Wild Planet give you the details of naturally occurring chemicals to protect you against any risk of allergic reaction.

Why are there warnings on Wild Planet product labels?

We adhere to the United Nations Globally Harmonised System on Wild Planet labels and packaging. This conforms to EU Regulations and applies to all products containing chemicals whether they’re 100% pure, natural essential oils or synthetically manufactured scented oils and fragrances. Wild Planet take labelling responsibilities very seriously to ensure you know exactly what is in each product, how to safely use it and any possible side effects or risks.

Are Wild Planet products tested on animals?

No, Wild Planet products are not and will never be tested on animals and we don’t work with partners who subscribe to animal testing.

Is Wild Planet packaging responsible?

The paper, board and tissue used for packaging is either 100% recycled or from FSC Forests. All packaging is ethically produced in Europe and safely recyclable and our labels are printed by a local Kent company. We only use biodegradable loose-fill, paper and card for packing online orders.