Sage Smudge Kit Incense
Sage Smudge Kit Incense
Sage Smudge Kit Incense
Sage Smudge Kit Incense
Sage Smudge Kit Incense
Sage Smudge Kit Incense
Sage Smudge Kit Incense
Sage Smudge Kit Incense

Sage Smudge Kit

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  • 100% natural fragrances | Vegan | Cruelty Free

The ultimate smudging kit to cleanse your home or office space from any negative energy and instil a sense of calm and inner peace to your surroundings.

If you are unfamiliar with the practice read below to learn more about this increasingly popular ritual.

Each box includes easy-to-use instructions and features 100% natural products sustainably sourced from around the planet. Contents include:

  • 1 x White Sage Stick
  • 1 x Desert Sage Stick
  • 1 x Palo Santo Stick
  • 1 x Selenite Crystal
  • 1 x Abalone Shell

What is smudging?

An ancient incense ritual that has seen a resurgence in the last few years. Smudging is an easy and natural way to clear and cleanse the air in your space.

By simply lighting the ends of the sage or palo stick, carefully blow out the flame  after a few seconds and move about your space wafting the stick in the air as you walk around the room. 

An abalone shell is the traditional dish used to collect any ash as you walk around your space but can also be used to keep your smudge sticks.

The Selenite crystal stick is another cleansing tool you can use on yourself by simply holding the stick over the top of your head and moving towards your heart and and then your feet. Selenite is also know as a powerful crystal to help cleanse other crystals by placing the crystals that need cleansing on top of the selenite.

Where does smudging come from?

Smudging with Sage and Palo Santo sticks has been used for thousands of years by American Indians, Celtic Druids, in ancient Rome and Egypt. The word sage comes from the Latin word salvare (to heal).

Smudging cleanses the air from impurities and is also used as a traditional ritual by changing, clearing and shifting the surrounding air as a way to cleanse a space from bad spirits and negative energy. 

Californian White Sage and Desert Sage from New Mexico both considered purifying herbs, have a warm, sweet herbaceous scent and the Palo Santo has a natural woodsy aroma.

Whichever stick you select, smudging will help create a more relaxed and welcoming atmosphere in your home. Ideal to use before meditation, yoga, moving to a new home or after illness. Just the intention of moving slowly around your space with the scent of ancient incense will certainly help to lift your spirits and reduce stress anytime you need some positive energy.

Vegan / Cruelty Free / Natural Ingredients / 100% Natural Fragrance / Sustainable and Recyclable Packaging / Free from parabens, artificial colours and synthetic fragrances / Sustainably sourced natural products / 300g / Designed in England


Made in England

Created in our studio, once a dairy farm, located in the heart of Kent, England. We use only the finest essential oils ethically sourced from around the planet.

Each scent is crafted to capture the essence of a special memory, feeling, or particular place and we believe that a fragrance for your home should be more than just a pleasant aroma - it should also have therapeutic properties that promote well-being and enhance the senses. We hope that our fragrances bring joy and meaning to your life.

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