Limelight Luxury Wax Melts | Wild Planet Aromatherapy UK Wax Melts
Limelight Luxury Wax Melts | Wild Planet Aromatherapy UK Wax Melts

Limelight Luxury Wax Melts

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  • 100% natural fragrances | Vegan | Cruelty Free

One of the first fragrances we created and still a bestseller today. A fresh and sophisticated scent brimming with crisp lime from Mexico, sparkling Italian bergamot and tangy lemongrass. The ultimate energy-booster.

Hints & Tips: Any lingering cooking smells from the night before to walking the dog in the rain would benefit from the distinct citrus character of Limelight. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms or hallways and a scent that works well all year.

  • Hand poured in our Kent studio
  • Sustainable natural plant wax
  • 100% pure essential oils
  • Each melt lasts a minimum of 4 hours
  • Biodegradable and recyclable box made from recycled material
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free

HOW TO USE: Our vegan luxury Wax Melts are for use in oil burners/wax melters as an alternative to mixing oils and water. They are clean, easy and long lasting and are the perfect way to spread beautiful aromatherapy fragrance all throughout your home.

Read through and follow the Safety/Usage instructions provided with the tea lights, wax melter/warmer or oil burner. You can also use an electric warmer approved for wax melts. Do not add any water or oil and use an unscented tea light. Do not leave unattended while in use. When the fragrance has been used, allow wax to cool and harden, remove from the warmer bowl and dispose of responsibly. DO NOT WASH OR DISPOSE SPENT WAX DOWN THE DRAIN.

A fragrant story

It’s lunchtime, we're on a laidback beach in Mexico, the sun is bright, the sand beneath our feet is hot as we stroll along the shoreline towards our favourite beach bar searching for our special spot in the shade with a view of the ocean looking forward to the best mojito cocktail we'll ever taste.

Polaroids of a Mexican cenote, beach and Chitchen Itza with fresh limes in silver bowl and lemongrass by Wild Planet Aromatherapy

Pure Plant Essences

  • Lime - Extracted through cold pressing of the peel. A fresh, green citrus scent adding a crispness to any blend.
  • Bergamot - Extracted through cold pressing of the peel, used in perfumery for centuries with an uplifting, fresh and fruity scent.
  • Lemongrass - Steam distilled from the fast growing chopped grass, with an intensely sweet, lemony and herbaceous aroma.


Made in England

Created in our studio, once a dairy farm, located in the heart of Kent, England. We use only the finest essential oils ethically sourced from around the planet.

Each scent is crafted to capture the essence of a special memory, feeling, or particular place and we believe that a fragrance for your home should be more than just a pleasant aroma - it should also have therapeutic properties that promote well-being and enhance the senses. We hope that our fragrances bring joy and meaning to your life.

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