BOX OF CALM Letterbox Gift


A treat for yourself or a thoughtful gift for anyone you know who is feeling stressed or anxious and in need of some calming aromatherapy scents. 

This letterbox gift contains a selection of home fragrances to help sooth and bring comfort. Each letterbox gift also includes a muslin pouch filled with relaxing lavender and chamomile and a Blue Agate crystal stone known to help relieve stress.

The Box of Calm Gift Set contains:

VINTAGE ROSE Tea Lights - a seductive, soothing scent with musky undertones and soft floral notes from pretty geranium with harmonising properties to gently soothe away stress and ease your mind. | 3 x 20g | Each tea light burns for up to 7 hours.

ORANGE BLOSSOM Room Spray - a calming fragrance to lift your overall mood to bring emotional balance and help calm your mind. | 1 x 10ml

ROSE BOTANICA Wax Melts - A fresh, floral scent with subtle notes of bergamot, this comforting blend will help relieve anxiety, lift depression and reduce stress levels. | 2 x 10g | Each melt lasts approximately 4-5 hours. Find out more about our luxury wax melts and how to use them.

LAVENDER & CHAMOMILE Scented Sachet - A muslin pouch filled with natural lavender buds and chamomile flowers. Perfect to place under your pillow to help you relax and sleep, can also be placed in drawers or hung in wardrobes. | 10g

BLUE AGATE Crystal Stone - A natural healing stone to help you find harmony and offer relief from stress. | Size - minimum 2cm.

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