Our hand rolled incense sticks have been infused with our most exotic, transportive aromas with beautiful blends to help keep you grounded, and inspire tranquility.  Our natural incense sticks are ideal to burn during your meditation practice or simply relaxing.

Free of synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, artificial colours, cruelty free and vegan* *No ingredient of animal origin.

  • Natural hand rolled incense using herbs and spices
  • Box of 20 incense sticks | Approximate burn time: 20 minutes each stick
  • Black box made from recycled paper + card
  • Infused with pure essential oils in our Kent studio 

Place the thinner end of the incense stick in an appropriate incense holder on a heat-resistant surface. Light the tip then carefully blow out the flame. The glowing embers will smoulder and release the aroma into the air. Burn in a ventilated area. CAUTION: Never leave burning incense unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets.  Do not burn near anything flammable. Retain the box for instructions, cautions and warnings.

Available in:-

ESCAPE - Inspiring


SPICE NIGHT - Stimulating

WARM HUG - Strengthening

The tradition of burning incense has been carried out for thousands of years. Used in temples, sacred places and to signify a spiritual ceremony with its roots in many different cultures.

In particular, India where incense forms the basis of Ayurvedic medicine and the Japanese have long appreciated the use of incense. 

Nearly all religions have used incense to call people to prayer or even to heal including Buddhism, Catholicism and Islam have all embraced incense in some form.

Today, as more people and more people are taking up meditation, yoga and practicing mindfulness, the ritual of burning incense is becoming appealing as well as using incense to relax and to scent your space.