Copy of Our Story

An award winning home fragrance brand that offers a natural alternative to the traditional, synthetic home fragrances. Inspired by travel, nature and ancient rituals.

I founded Wild Planet in 2010 with the aim of creating fragrances that lift your spirits and instil your home with pure, natural aromatherapy. Part experience, part art, part instinct, blending flawless natural scents has taken time but every second is worth it when I know I have created a scent that works in harmony with your mood to help you feel relaxed or more energised.

Wild Planet is very much a family business. My husband David organises the logistics when we exhibit at events as well as calming my jangled nerves when it comes to tackling IT issues. Our three children have all helped out during the busy times including our son Ben who happens to be a dab hand at spreadsheets and coding for the online store and our daughters Eva and Ruby who often give my Instagram images the once over as well as behind the scenes work involved in running a small business and my sister Tess, who recently joined the company to help me with the mammoth task of labelling and packaging your products.

We are delighted and very much appreciate the compliments and reviews we receive from our customers and absolutely thrilled when our Revive Reed Diffuser won the Beauty Short List Awards 2019 for the BEST WELLBEING HOME FRAGRANCE and our Limelight Reed Diffuser the year before in 2018.

I hope you enjoy our fragrances as much as we love creating them. Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

Eileen x