NEW MUM Letterbox Gift Set


An eternally shattered new mum will appreciate this aromatherapy gift with a selection of natural fragrant pampering aromas to help get her through those first few exhausting months. Each letterbox gift also includes a muslin pouch filled with relaxing lavender flowers and a Rose Quartz crystal, known as the stone of unconditional love and nurturing.

The New Mum Letterbox Gift Set contains:

MOOD BOOST Tea Lights - putting an extra spring in your step and with this uplifting, fresh and very juicy scent with its' vibrant blend of mandarin,  lime and rosemary essential oils to offer a little sunshine and positivity into your home or office. | 3 x 20g | Each tea light burns for up to 7 hours.

DEEP SLUMBER Pillow Mist - A sleep inducing essential oil blend of soothing lavender has been elevated with calming mandarin and a tranquil layer of vetiver that creates an earthy, enduring aroma.  1 x 10ml  | Spritz your pillow just before you go to sleep. We recommend you spray the mist about 30cm away. Test patch first to ensure no staining. 

ROSE BOTANICA Wax Melts - A fresh, floral scent with subtle notes of bergamot, this comforting blend will help relieve anxiety, lift depression and reduce stress levels. | 2 x 10g | Each melt lasts approximately 4-5 hours. Find out more about our luxury wax melts and how to use them.

LAVENDER Scented Sachet - A muslin pouch filled with natural lavender flowers. Perfect to place under your pillow to help you relax and sleep, can also be placed in drawers or hung in wardrobes. | 10g

ROSE QUARTZ Crystal - A perfect stone for any new mother to help bond with your baby. | Size - minimum 2cm.

NEW MUM Postcard included in the box - just add any message in the display box that pops up when you Add To Bag and we will handwrite it on the back of the card.