REVIVE & UPLIFT Letterbox Gift Set


Need a little pick-me-up or looking for a way to brighten a friend's day?  We have included our favourite energising aromas to help you or someone you know who is having a tough time.

These feel good fragrances packed full of sunny citrus notes, will lift their spirits through lockdown and beyond. Each letterbox gift set includes a cotton pouch with a sunshine yellow Citrine stone to combat negativity and instil happiness and a Green Moss Agate stone for strength.

The Revive & Uplift Letterbox Gift Set contains:

MOOD BOOST Tea Lights There are certain fragrances that put an extra spring in your step and this uplifting, fresh, and very juicy scent is one of them with mandarin, lime and rosemary essential oils. This zesty aromatherapy blend with its' gorgeous sparkling scent will infuse your day with bright, lasting energy and help keep you focused. | 3 x 20g | Each tea light burns for up to 7 hours.

REVIVE Aura Spray - An invigorating radiant fragrance with piercing fresh notes of lime and ginger essential oils infused with energising Citrine crystals. This renewing scent will help wake your tired mind and increase your energy levels. | 1 x 10ml

LEMON VERBENA Wax Melts - Who doesn’t love a little sunshine? Quite a challenge to try and capture it in a scent but we think we've managed to harness some of its’ rays. With bright citrus notes of Sicilian lemon and verbena laced with lemongrass essential oils. The refreshing notes of this clean, green scent will help cleanse the home of toxins creating a haven of freshness in your home.| 2 x 10g | Each melt lasts approximately 4-5 hours. Find out more about our luxury wax melts and how to use them.

CITRINE & GREEN MOSS AGATE Crystal Stones- A white cotton pouch containing a Citrine crystal to help brighten your mood and inspire a positive attitude and a Green Moss Agate stone to help relieve stress, balance emotions and support new beginnings. | Size of each stone - minimum 2cm.

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